Do you want an airtour or would you rather ride the bus?

April 17, 2012 while a Visitor was on Visitor – I would like a tour in Grand Canyon. Visitor – Something I could experience the habits of the Hualalapi tribe. Sandy – At the South Rim or from Las Vegas? Sandy – Ok, The Hualapai Tribe could be visited from Las Vegas. Sandy – Do you […]

I am looking for a airplane ride over the whole Grand Canyon.

April 12, 2012 – from a Visitor while visiting: (17:42:10)  Visitor – I am looking for a airplane ride over the whole Grand Canyon? (17:42:26)  Visitor- Where do I look for this tour? (17:42:33)  Sandy – Unfortunately that doesn’t exist at this time. (17:42:43)  Visitor – Why? There are  2 reasons: ================== One – is that the Grand Canyon […]

Natural Quiet at Grand Canyon

A huge controversy has erupted lately over the restoration of “natural quiet at Grand Canyon”  The Park Service just went through a long process of collecting data from hikers, air tour operators, rafters and other park visitors.  From the input they received they come up with a plan and a couple of alternatives and again […]

The Las Vegas Grand Canyon Deluxe Tour: to ‘Heli’ and back?

Morning travelers ~ Right now at the Grand Canyon it’s a brisk 50 degrees – aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! But soon, overnight temperatures are going to start dipping down into the 40’s, so hope you have at least a light jacket for those sunrise walks like we talked about in our last post. Today’s post piggy-backs on a […]