Grand Canyon Day Trip from Flagstaff

This morning on TripAdvisor the “$64,000 question” had to do with congestion in Grand Canyon Park Village at the South Rim. This poster, who was planning on making a Grand Canyon day trip from Flagstaff, had obviously heard and perhaps experienced first-hand some of the horror stories of years past, like hour+ waits at the […]

We are requesting information on a Grand Canyon floating trip.

I would like to request information on grand canoyn floating trip. Sure – where are you staying during your visit? At the Holiday Inn in Flagstaff, Arizona. I am just wondering where they could be picked up and at what time,  because it doesn’t make sense for them to drive all the way to the […]

Grand Canyon South Rim Lodging: the Fantasy and the Reality

Imagine sitting on a hotel balcony at Grand Canyon South Rim sipping your favorite beverage. Before you in all its glory gapes the one and only Grand Canyon! All this beauty is making you hungry, so you leave behind your lovely Grand Canyon view and adjourn to your room and cook a little something in […]

Pet Friendly Grand Canyon Hotels and Other Tips for Traveling With Pets

Good morning, travelers – or shall I say “woof?” Today’s Grand Canyon vacation  planning question revolves around Grand Canyon hotels, in particular, are any of them pet-friendly? ‘sativabaker’ writes: I’m headed to the Grand Canyon last minute on my way to San Diego. Where should I stay? Flagstaff? I’m a 21 year old female going […]

I am planning a tour with my mom and my son to the Grand Canyon.

April 10, 2012 (19:33:21)  Visitor – Yes, Hi…I am planing a tour with my mom and my son to the Grand Canyon. I am looking at your best deals. (19:33:56)  Visitor – I am planning in spending the night in Williams, Arizona and go to the canyon the next morning. (19:33:57)  Alley – Are you […]