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Would You Like to Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour or Airplane Tour?

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why a Grand Canyon air tour is the best value for your money
  • Why a Grand Canyon air tour is totally awesome no matter how you choose to fly
  • What makes helicopters better than airplanes
  • What makes airplanes better than helicopters
  • How the Eco-Star helicopter is raising the bar for Grand Canyon air touring

Where to find what YOU want to know:  
:55 – The difference between ‘meh and “WOW!”  The Grand Canyon can be overwhelming to the human eye; so much so that from the rim, it might just look like a hole in the ground!  To truly appreciate the Grand Canyon’s vastness and complexity in the shortest amount of time, the key is to get above it.

1.24 – The most popular Grand Canyon helicopter tours:  the 50-minute Imperial and 30-minute North Canyon helicopter tours will show you the “quintessential” Grand Canyon, departing from Grand Canyon National Park Airport (GCN) at Grand Canyon South Rim.

1:52 – Up close and personal: though forbidden from actually descending below the canyon rim, helicopters are given a lower flying altitude than airplanes.  If you want to feel as though you can reach out and touch the canyon walls, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will fulfill that desire!

2:15 – “Old Reliable” vs. “New & Improved:” the differences between the Bell Helicopter and the newer Eco-Star Helicopter; or how, for just a few dollars more, you can enjoy a better view, a quieter ride and have everyone face forward.

3:28 – The Grand Discovery Air Tour – THE biggest bang for your buck!  See the Grand Canyon’s most photogenic areas in just 50 minutes by fixed-wing airplane.  Flying 1,000 feet above the canyon rim, the Grand Discovery Air Tour gives you an eagle-eye perspective not shared by helicopters.