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The Value of a Week in the Grand Canyon

Karlyn Bunting

What is a week in the Grand Canyon worth?

I know that, for me, it's value is un-estimatable (if that's a word) because I have spent so much time there. Also, I spend many hours and days answering questions about the Grand Canyon...so it's simply become a part of who I am and what I know. And, not to mention, I really enjoy studying the published history's of Grand Canyon and the people who have occupied, explored or ventured there in the past.

When I come home from a hike in the Grand Canyon I feel rejuvenated, challenged...and tired. But knowing I will recover and get some rest and then it will become both a sweet memory and a reference point for how to approach Grand Canyon better next time. I will be going Rim-to-Rim this Saturday after having hiked down to the river on the Bright Angel trail to Pipe Creek last Friday and back to the South Rim via Plateau Point. It was exhilarating and tiring simultaneously. I hiked down with 3 friends and dropped them off at Grand Canyon Whitewater's rafts and then proceeded to go back up the trail alone...however, on the Bright Angel Trail, I would not consider that hiking alone.

The Bright Angel Trail is a very social trail and enjoys the most hikers annually in Grand Canyon National Park. Yes, most of them only see the first mile or less...but, none the less, it is the most hiked trail in Grand Canyon National Park.

So, the value is looking forward to another experience, knowing I am more prepared from the previous experience...and, hoping to share it with others. That is what time in the Canyon is worth to me.

Now, what is a week of whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon worth? Again, sweet memories, sharing it with others...and the MASSIVE DESIRE to go AGAIN!!!

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