Should We Take the Grand Canyon Railway or Drive to the South Rim?

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why you think you want to take the Grand Canyon Railway
  • Why that’s not the reason to take the Grand Canyon Railway
  • Why the Grand Canyon Railway is so much fun
  • Who might be better off driving themselves
  • The biggest myth about Grand Canyon touring

Where to find what YOU want to know:  
:42 – Up to the Canyon and back in time… on the Grand Canyon Railway, you’ll relive the “good old days” of Grand Canyon touring, traveling on a century old rail line to historic Grand Canyon Village

1:08 – Them’s fightin’ words, pardner… Before you climb aboard, be sure to catch the “Gunfight at the Railway Corral!”  Plus, meet the other characters who’ll keep you company on your trip

2:02 – Classes of service… 
2:06  Coach Class – for the economy-minded traveler
2:15  First Class – when comfort counts
2:30  Observation Dome – first class with a bonus
2:41  Luxury Parlor Car – the ultimate in elegance
Coach includes complimentary soft drinks; First Class, Dome and Luxury Parlor classes include complimentary continental breakfast and afternoon champagne snack service

3:06 – What it is…and what it isn’t… The Grand Canyon Railway IS a fun, educational Old West Historic experience that will get you to the Grand Canyon without dealing with the hassles of the entrance gate and parking; it IS NOT a scenic tour of the Grand Canyon because you won’t see the canyon from the train

3:26 – “Life in the fast lane?”  Not on this train…the Grand Canyon Railway is pulled by an antique diesel engine, so a 60 mile journey takes over two hours.

3:52 – “Baby, you can drive your car”…. Whoever told you that you couldn’t drive your car inside the park was wrong!  OK, there is one exception – find it at 5:55. Here’s how to enjoy self-guided touring by car, and make the most of a day.

5:12 – “Round round get around, you get around…” How to use the free and convenient Grand Canyon park shuttle lines to explore Grand Canyon Village and the Hermit’s Rest Road.

6:12 – “Give me just a little more time”… and you’ll get a lot more Grand Canyon!  How to explore the incredibly scenic East Rim Drive and even the Navajo Indian Reservation

6:43 – Time saving tip: A stop to make before you get to the canyon that can save you time and frustration!