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Winter Storm at the South Rim

Many of you have been asking about weather and road conditions at the South Rim.  This past weekend there was a winter storm at the South Rim.  At approximately 10:00 am Sunday December 16th, the most recent park service weather update took place.  There have been closures on the Hermit Road and the Desert View Drive.  They expected to possibly get the roads cleared by late afternoon.  No updates are available yet today.

Winter at the South Rim

The Park Service website has some really good suggestions for winter driving:

  • Drive with caution and at speeds appropriate to the road conditions.
  • Watch for deer and elk
  • Always accelerate and decelerate slowly
  • Do not turn abruptly
  • Do not tailgate - allow extra distance for stopping and steering time
  • Properly defrost all windows before driving
  • Use low beam lights in blowing and heavy snow

You can call the park service during business hours for weather information - 928-638-7888.  You can also go online to https://www.az511.com/adot/files/traffic/ for road closures and travel conditions.

You may also be interested in the in-park alerts for the South Rim.  The alerts are usually at the top of each of the pages on the Park Service website.  You can find the current road conditions here.

Safe and happy traveling to you as you choose to spend your holidays at the Grand Canyon!

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