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South Rim Grand Canyon Viewpoints

To find the best places to view the Grand Canyon, you have two choices – the Easy Access and the Take-A-Hike viewpoints. The Easy Access viewpoints are very easy to get to and take very little effort. The Take-A-Hike viewpoints required a little more effort by following a trail to get to the viewpoint.


  1. Lookout Studio – located close to Bright Angel Lodge, the Lookout Studio sits right on the edge of the Canyon with spectacular panoramic views of the Canyon.
  2. Yavapai Point – One of the most popular spots because it is the best way to see deep into the inner Canyon including the Colorado River and the Bright Angel Canyon.
  3. Mather Point – From Mather Point, you can see well over half of the entire Canyon with magnificent views of the rock pinnacles called Vishnu Temple and Temple of Zoroaster. This is a great place to see the sunset.
  4. Moran Point – From Moran Point, you can see the white water of the Hakatai Rapids and the Red Canyon. This viewpoint is also famous for the sunset viewing because of the “Sinking Ship” illusion. The rock formations create the semblance of a sinking ship as the sun begins to dip behind the Canyon.
  5. Desert View and Watchtower – Climb the watchtower (85 steps) to get a perfect 360° view of the Canyon.
  6. Lipan Point – This is one of the few places where you can see the “Grand Canyon Supergroup” of sedimentary rock formations. It is also a great way to view the inner gorge.


  1. Grandview Point – Along the Desert View Drive, there is a trail to the Grandview Point, one of the highest points at the South Rim. The trail is a little narrow and steep at times but the viewpoint is wonderful of Horseshoe Mesa.
  2. Zuni Point – Zuni is a little secretive since there is no signpost or trail but it located between mile posts 257 and 258 where the rim is just yards from the road through the trees. Zuni has beautiful views of the Red Canyon similar to Moran Point.
  3. Yuma Point – It is a day hike to get to the secluded Yuma Point by following the Boucher Trail. This trail is for EXPERT hikers because of it’s very difficult, knee-smashing terrain. But if you are looking for seclusion and untouched nature, this is the raw natural Grand Canyon.
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