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Grand Canyon In Depth

Grand Canyon In Depth

A new video series being published by Grand Canyon National Park Service is called Grand Canyon In Depth. Episode 1 will give you a feel for the inside of Grand Canyon. At GrandCanyon.com, we encourage you to join those 5% of visitors that will descend below the rim. Here is a link to some tours you might consider.

This new video series explores the natural and human history of Grand Canyon. You can join park rangers, scientists, and historians as they take us beyond the rim of the canyon to discover the diversity of life and the extraordinary beauty of Grand Canyon National Park.

When you plan your Vacation, it is important to learn more about the Grand Canyon before you arrive. This presentation explores the Canyon more in depth than most. The National Park Service present the diversity of experiences that are offered to you while you are at the Canyon.

As you watch, it gives you a fuller perspective and more reasons to visit. Over 90% of the Park is wilderness and managed for you to visit. There are very few roads into the backcountry. This management causes us all to slow down and experience the Canyon more fully.

After I watched "Grand Canyon In Depth - Episode 1" I posted the following comment on the National Park Service's YouTube Channel:

Grand Canyon In Depth - Comment

At the end of the Video, we offer you the opportunity to download your Grand Canyon Trip Planner .

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