Grand Canyon Historic Village

The Grand Canyon Historic Village has been lived in since the late 1800’s. These are some of the can’t miss sites that you should visit.

Grand Canyon Historic Village Sites:

  1. Hermit’s Rest – Built in 1914 to look like an old miner’s cabin by the renowned Southwest architect Mary Jane Colter, Hermit’s Rest has a magnificent giant fireplace and front porch. Enjoy a cup of chocolate and shop for souvenirs at the lovely gift shop. Hermit’s Rest can only be visited by the Park Shuttle as the road is closed to private vehicles.
  2. El Tovar – A famous landmark for the South Rim, the beautiful El Tovar hotel was built in 1905 and has housed great dignitaries such as Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, author Zane Grey, President Bill Clinton and Paul McCartney. The lodge offers accommodations, fine dining, gift shop and lounge. This is a must-see attraction of the South Rim!
    www.grandcanyonlodges.com/lodging/el-tovar Phone: 888-297-2757 or 303-297-2757
  3. Bright Angel Lodge – This historic and rustic lodge is a registered National Historic Landmark, designed by Mary Jane Colter and built in 1935 to be a charming but more affordable alternative to the elegant El Tovar Lodge. The famous Fred Harvey Company operated the lodge with restaurants and accommodations, even incorporating two historic cabins, Bucky O’Neill cabin and the Red Horse Cabin. Today, the lodge and cabins are still available to book and enjoy a unique part of the Grand Canyon history. Bright Angel also presents an exhibit on the history Fred Harvey.
  4. Kolb Studio – Ellsworth and Emery Kolb were important early photographers of the Grand Canyon and built a studio on the South Rim ledge in 1904. The studio has art exhibits, bookstore and auditorium for lectures.
  5. Desert View Watchtower – Build in 1932, the 70 ft. watchtower is the highest point on the South Rim and presents a 360-view of the South Rim. You can see views of the Painted Desert, San Francisco Peaks and Vermilion Cliffs. There are beautiful murals painted on the walls of the staircase by Hopi artist Frank Kabotie. A gift shop sells local Native American items such as jewelry and pottery.
  6. Hopi House – The Hopi House was designed in the adobe peuble style of the Hopi Indians and opened as a gift shop in 1905. The architect Mary Jane Colter wanted to honor and incorporate the beauty of Native American designs into the Grand Canyon experience. The gift shop is still sells authentic high quality Native American art and crafts.
  7. Lookout Studio – Hovering right on the edge of the rim, the Lookout Studio is exactly as it’s title suggests – a terrific look-out over the South Rim. Built in 1914 as an observation point and gift shop for Fred Harvey, the Lookout Studio now sells photography prints, rock specimens and books.


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  1. When we were at the Grand Canyon a few years ago someone told us to be sure to get off the main hiahgwy from the Grand Canyon to Phoenix and take the scenic route through Sedona. He told us we wouldn’t be sorry, even though it meant going a little out of our way he was right!!!! It was the most beautiful drive I have EVER been on ..winding roads down , beautiful scenery, little streams, red rocks in the background. I was soooo glad that we did this and hope to do it again some day. To be honest, i thought it was even prettier than the Grand Canyon!

    1. The Grand Canyon is awesome and beautiful in its size and colours particularly at sunset. Sedona is an oasis of green red and cream buttes, never overpowering but inspiringly beautiful.

    2. Hi Felipe!
      Which route did you take when you drove through Sedona? We are thinking of driving through on our way to Vegas as many have recommended seeing Sedona!


  2. We’re planning a trip to the Grand Canyon from Texas with stops in Carlsbad Caverns and Mesa Verde. The issue I’m having is that we have a 7 year old boy with autism and want to know if there’s a tour or two that we can take that a hyper, impatient boy might enjoy. We are planning on staying in either The Grand Hotel or The Best Western Premier Inn.

    Any information you can give us is highly appreciated! I truly want my children to enjoy nature!


    Hope Willis

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