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Food/Supplies/Bank/Post Office

Available Facilities – SOUTH RIM: Groceries, supplies, a bank, and a post office are located at Market Plaza in Grand Canyon Village. The Village Route shuttle bus stops at Market Plaza. NORTH RIM: There is a small camper store adjacent to the North Rim Campground.



Kolb Studio, South Rim
Open All Year 8am – 5pmLocation – Located in the Village Historic District, at the Bright Angel trailhead. (South Rim) Additional open hours after 5pm vary seasonally.Special Programs – Kolb Studio Art Exhibits, Opening October 4: One with the Canyon. Grand Canyon artist and legend Bruce Aiken has worked and lived at the canyon for thirty years – most of that time at the pumphouse deep in the canyon at Roaring Springs. Off-duty hours are spent capturing on canvas the many moods and facets of his “Mistress,” the Grand Canyon.Exhibits – Once the home and business of the Kolb brothers, pioneering photographers at Grand Canyon, this building has been restored. The bookstore and auditorium are open to the public. Art exhibits are on display in the auditorium.

Tusayan Museum, South Rim
Open All Year 9am-5pm

Location – The museum is located 3 miles west of Desert View and 22 miles west of the Grand Canyon Village on Desert View Drive. (South Rim)

Closures – May be closed during inclement weather.

Special Programs – A visit to Tusayan Ruin and Museum will provide a glimpse of Pueblo Indian Life at Grand Canyon some 800 years ago. A self-guiding trail leads through the adjacent 800-year-old ruin. Ranger-led ruin tours are offered daily at 11am and 1:30pm.

Exhibits – Exhibits of Pueblo Indian life at Grand Canyon 800 years ago. Free admisssion

Available Facilities – Educational materials about the park and region are sold in the Grand Canyon Association bookstore.

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Yavapai Observation Station – South Rim

Open All Year 8am – 5pmLocation – Located 5 miles north of the park’s south entrance. (South Rim)Exhibits – Contains temporary exhibits about the fossil record at Grand Canyon. A panorama of the canyon is visible through the building’s large windows.Available Facilities – Educational materials about the park and region are sold in the Grand Canyon Association bookstore. Public restrooms located next to the parking lot. Additional open hours after 5pm vary seasonally.

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Visitor Centers

Canyon View Information Plaza, South Rim
Open All Year 8am to 5pmLocation – Canyon View Information Plaza is located at Mather Point. Access is via shuttle bus to Canyon View Information Plaza. Ride the Village Route bus. Additional open hours after 5pm vary seasonally.Closures – Outdoor exhibits may be viewed anytime (however the lights at Canyon View Information Plaza are turned off at 9pm).Special Programs – 1:00pm, daily, “Lure of the Canyon” – What lures people to the Grand Canyon? Make your own connections as you are introduced to Grand Canyon National Park. Program may include a short walk on a paved path.

Exhibits – Several outdoor exhibits provide a variety of information about Grand Canyon National Park and what to do once at the park.

Available Facilities – Restrooms, pay phones, bookstore, and shuttle bus stops. The canyon rim is only a short stroll away.

Open All Year 9am to 5pm

Location – Located at the park’s east entrance on the South Rim.

Closures – Open daily as staffing permits.

Available Facilities – Orientation, park information, and books are available. Public restrooms located nearby.

Open from mid-May to mid-October 8am to 6pm

Location – Adjacent to the parking lot on Bright Angel Peninsula.

Closures – The North Rim Visitor Center is open from mid-May to mid-October only.

Special Programs – Interpretive programs offered seasonally.

Available Facilities – Public restrooms located in back of the building.

Wilderness Information Centers

Backcountry Information Center, North Rim
Open from mid-May to mid-October 8am-noon, 1-5pm

Phone – 928-638-7875, M-F, 1-5pm

Location – At the North Rim Ranger Station.

Special Programs – ALL overnight camping below the rim requires a backcountry permit. A fee of $10/permit and $5/person per night is charged.

Open All Year 8am – noon, 1 – 5pm, everyday

Phone – 928-638-7875, M-F, 1-5pm

Location – On the South Rim adjacent to Parking Area E, it is also accessible via the Village Route shuttle bus.

Special Programs – ALL overnight camping below the rim requires a backcountry permit. A fee of $10/permit and $5/person per night is charged.

Available Facilities – The Backcountry Information Center public information phone line is only answered from 1-5pm, Monday – Friday.

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21 Responses

    1. Cheryl,

      Here is a good page and video to watch on how to visit the Grand Canyon in 4 hours or less:

      If you want to avoid the Shuttles, simply go to the heart of Grand Canyon Village parking near either the El Tovar or the Bright Angel Lodge and you can walk to the heart of most of the attractions at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon from the El Tovar, Verkamps, Hopi House, Lookout Studio, Bright Angel Lodge, Kolb Studio, the Trail of Time, and even down the Bright Angel Trail.



  1. I am a bit confused online and want to know if the senior discount $20 entry fee to Grand Canyon Village would be good for entering the Grand Canyon West? We are traveling from Las Vegas. Also is there places to take pictures outside of the skywalk where cameras arent allowed?

    1. Sharon,

      Sorry about the confusion. However, Grand Canyon West is not in Grand Canyon National Park, so Senior Discounts don’t apply.

      Also, as you are concerned about…you CANNOT take your own pictures while ON the Grand Canyon Skywalk at Grand Canyon West. You can take your own pictures once you leave the Skywalk at ALL OTHER POINTS at Grand Canyon West.

      Thank You,


  2. I have the lifetime membership for being a purple heart medal recipient. Does this only get me into the park or is it everyone in the vehicle for free? Which is the best way to get there if I’m starting from Phoenix? Considering Covid-19 what is open during the coming weekend? (7/3/20-7/5/20? What do you recommend as far as seeing ?
    Possibly renting to stay close to there.
    any recommendations would be helpful and welcomed.

    1. Derrick,

      Normally, the Annual or Lifetime Passes are good for One Vehicle…sometimes they’ll limit it to 4 people…most of the time they’ll include the whole vehicle.

      The best route from Phoenix to Grand Canyon is take I-17 to Flagstaff, then take I-40 West to Williams, then take Highway 64 North to the Grand Canyon. Normally takes 3-4 hours from Phoenix.

      Yes, Grand Canyon will be Open for the 4th of July. No Fireworks!

      You will receive a Newspaper on the Grand Canyon when you enter the Gate…I recommend Yavapai Point and Museum, the Hopi House, El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge and the walk in front of them. Also, don’t miss Mather Point by the Visitor Center.

      This is a great time to visit…even on a Holiday Weekend…BECAUSE from what I am told…it is still NOT busy like it was in Pre-COVID times.



  3. Hi there,

    I’m curious if the 1.5 mile rest house, 3.0 mile rest house, or Indian Garden Ranger station on the Bright Angel Trail are heated and/or provide shelter for hikers during colder months.

    Any information would be appreciated.


    1. Ryan,

      There are Shelters at both 1.5 mile house and 3.0 mile house, however, they are not heated, nor are you protected from the weather.

      If you are on the Bright Angel Trail in the Winter Months you MUST be prepared for the inclement weather conditions. SPECIFICALLY, Spikes for your shoes as they are usually icey and slippery. The Bright Angel does not get much sun during the day for the first 1.5 miles or more, so be prepared with Spikes. Otherwise, you will beginning one of the most miserable hikes of your life…along with slipping and falling.



    1. Michelle,

      Here is a link to a Google Map from Phoenix to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon: https://goo.gl/maps/XGo7KUj7Kh62

      You’ll notice it’s 3 Hours 25 minutes to the Entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. That is the Quickest way from Phoenix. You can also go in the East Entrance as you’ll see on that map, however, it’s a 3 Hour and 32 minute drive to that Entrance. I will let you know that, generally speaking, the line is shorter going in the East Entrance and you can make loop back to Flagstaff before returning to Phoenix.



  4. How can I obtain a paper copy of a map of the Grand Canyon showing all the rim entrances? Thank you. Debbie Taylor

  5. We are visiting Gran Canyon (south Rim) on 12th August.
    How can we purchase entrance tickets for that day?

    1. You can purchase them by going to the Park Entrance Station the day you arrive or at one of the designated areas in Flagstaff, Williams, Valle, or Tusayan.

      Official Pre-Pay Stations:

      Park passes can be purchased prior to arrival at the South Rim and it is a great way to bypass the long lines at the Entrance Gate. There is fast track entry lane that allows vehicles with pre-paid passes to jump the line and avoid the traffic at the gate. The following stations offer the vehicle ($30.00) and individual permits ($15.00) but some stations sell more or all of the passes.

      Flagstaff, AZ – Flagstaff Visitor Center
      Williams, AZ – Williams Visitor Center
      Valle, AZ – Chevron Travel Stop

      Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn
      Grand Canyon Trading Post
      R.P.’s Stage Stop
      Red Feather Lodge
      Canyon Plaza Resort
      National Geographic Visitor Center(IMAX)

  6. We would like to visit Grand Canyon South Rim 4. April – 6. April 16. We are traveling with a 32 foot Motorhome. It seems, there is no place available at the Mather Campground or the Trailer Village…. Could that really be….? Any help?
    Greetings from Switzerland

    1. Michaela,

      Yes, it’s Spring Break at the South Rim…a peak visiting time period. And this year will be a Record Breaker!

      I would recommend you take a look at Camper’s Village in Tusayan, AZ…just outside the Park Entrance:
      Out-of-Park Camping South Rim
      There is a commercial campground in Tusayan, 7 miles south of Grand Canyon Village (Camper Village, 928-638-2887

      Thank You,


  7. Hi, I need information about reservations to camp close to the Grand Canyon, south rim, I’m lookin for the 4th and 5th o July.

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