Sedona Through Time by Wayne Ranney

“Ocean front property in Arizona?”  You may know it as a funny little country tune.  But about 350 million years ago, what we know as Arizona was under water, and our version of “South Beach” would have been somewhere around Sedona.

If that fact blows your mind, there’s more where that came from in Sedona Through Time by Wayne Ranney.  In Sedona Through Time, this award-winning geologist and author will take you back through aeons of Earth history to learn how this spectacular and spiritual landscape achieved its unique look.  Along the way you’ll encounter ancient rivers, primeval volcanoes, and inland seas that advanced and retreated more than once over the course of millennia.  Through Ranney’s engaging commentary, together with detailed illustrations, you’ll discover that Sedona is a place that has reinvented itself maybe more often than Madonna!  Sedona Through Time is the go-to information source for local tour guides, including those with world-famous Pink Jeep Tours.  Purchase your copy of Sedona Through Time at the U.S. Forest Service Visitor Center in Sedona, or the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff.

When describing Wayne Ranney’s career, you can say that he started at the bottom and worked his way up – literally!  From his first job at Phantom Ranch, the Grand Canyon’s coveted tourist camp on the canyon floor, he has moved on to teach geology at Yavapai College, Coconino Community College and Northern Arizona University.  He has lectured all over the country, and guided a few river trips and led a few trail hikes in between.  It is a tough job, but he is glad to do it.
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