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How Far is it from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • How Far Is It From Las Vegas to Grand Canyon?
  • Why the prospect of driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon scares you
  • Why you shouldn’t let it scare you
  • How to make the drive (and make it easier on you!)
  • If you still insist on not driving… your Grand Canyon tour options

Where to find what YOU want to know:  
:55 – The facts – and figures – of life in the American Southwest.  Arizona is a large and sparsely populated state.  Several Eastern states could easily fit within its borders!  Trains, busses and other mass transit modes taken for granted in many areas of the world are virtually non-existent here.  To fully enjoy Arizona at your pace and not someone else’s, it is best to drive.

1:17 – It’s easier than it sounds.  Yes, it’s 5 hours each way from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim; but all of it is well-traveled, fully paved interstate highway; not one single solitary mile will take you off-road, out in the boondocks, or anywhere you need be afraid to go.

1:51 – If you’re still not convinced…  there are many Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours that will get you there and back in one day.  The Las Vegas Grand Canyon South Rim Motorcoach tour is the most economical of these.  Includes a Hoover Dam stop, and you can add a 30-minute helicopter flight too!

4:12 – 15 hours on a bus?  “No way” you say?  OK – get off the wheels and get yourself some “wings!”  Learn more about the original Las Vegas Grand Canyon Air/Ground tour that will get you to the South Rim by lunchtime and back in Vegas by dinner.

5:12 – All aboard – for a trip to the canyon, AND a trip back in time!  The Grand Canyon Railway lets you relive the “good old days” of Grand Canyon touring on a century old rail line from Williams, Arizona (4 hours from Las Vegas) to the very rim of the Grand Canyon.

The distance from Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon depends on which part of Grand Canyon you would like to visit.

Las Vegas - Grand Canyon West: 130 miles
Grand Canyon West is not part of Grand Canyon National Park. It is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. You can not use the National Park Pass to get access.
The most prominent spot is certainly the so-called Skywalk opened in March 2007.
The road leading to the Skywalk is not fully paved and not advisable to use with rental vehicles due to exclusions in most rental contracts.
If interested in visiting Grand Canyon West from Las Vegas, we strongly recommend to book one of the tours leading from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West like the Grand Voyager Tour.

Las Vegas - Grand Canyon National Park South Rim: 280 miles

Las Vegas - Grand Canyon National Park North Rim: 270 miles