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Hiking in the Grand Canyon

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why you want to hike in the Grand Canyon
  • Why it might be the last thing you ever do
  • How to experience Grand Canyon hiking - the right way
  • What you'll see in the Grand Canyon
  • How to get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and live to tell the tale

Where to find what YOU want to know:  
:48 – Easy to be hard… Why Grand Canyon hiking trails seems easy at first, and why some don’t realize what they’ve gotten into until it’s too late.

1:09 – Yes, Mr. Man, this means you…The demographic group who think these warnings don’t apply to them, and proof that they really do.

1:38 – What goes down must come up… A simple equation that will help you determine how long you might spend hiking in the Grand Canyon, and whether it’s the right activity for you in the first place.

1:45 – The essentials… These items ABSOLUTELY MUST be carried when hiking in the Grand Canyon for more than one hour and/or more than one mile

1:54 – Here comes the sun… How to time your Grand Canyon hike to avoid sweltering in the mid-day heat.

2.00 – DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!  Attempting to hike rim-to-river and back in one day CAN get you killed!

2:04 – Take the time, do it right… How to plan an overnight hike in the Grand Canyon so you’ll actually enjoy it (WARNING: if your vacation is next month, you can pretty much forget about it).

2:20 – So you’ve decided to bag it … but you can STILL get to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!  Keep watching (or go back to Video #1 in the series) to find out about these popular Grand Canyon tours:
            2:25  The Inner Canyon Jeep Tour
            4:26  The Colorado River Day Float Trip
            5:34  The Canyon River Adventure
            6:22  The Colorado River Discovery Half-Day Float Trip
            7:13  The Las Vegas Grand Voyager Tour
            8:04  The Las Vegas Rim to River Expedition
          8:45  The Las Vegas Grand Celebration Helicopter Tour