Have You Been Rafting on the Colorado River?

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Why this issue is so confusing for Grand Canyon vacation planners
  • Why Grand Canyon rafting is hard to get – but Colorado River rafting isn’t
  • Why you probably don’t have time to go rafting in the Grand Canyon
  • Why you probably DO have time to go rafting on the Colorado River
  • What is the most comprehensive Grand Canyon day tour ever
  • What is the ONLY single day Grand Canyon white water rafting trip

Where to find what YOU want to know:
:45 – Grand Canyon raft trips… Colorado River raft trips… one and the same?  No.  The Colorado River made the Grand Canyon, but the Colorado River extends far beyond the boundaries of Grand Canyon National Park. And outside the park is where there are the most options for families like you to experience the Colorado River – even if you have kids as young as 5!

1:40 – No rapids?  No problem.  The existence of the Hoover Dam and the Glen Canyon Dam has made it possible for people of almost all ages and physical fitness levels to experience rafting on the Colorado River.

3:30 – By air, land and water; see canyons small, medium and large: Colorado River rafting is just one of many amazing experiences you’ll have on the Canyon River Adventure, Northern Arizona’s most comprehensive day tour, and GrandCanyon.com’s best selling tour.

5:26 – A float trip for Las Vegas visitors: If you’re not going to Grand Canyon South Rim or Page, the Black Canyon Adventure from Boulder City may be just the trip for you.

6:35 – Get a taste of Grand Canyon White Water rafting in one day: The Hualapai Indian Tribe offer the Grand Canyon’s ONLY 1-day white water rafting trip, but it’s not as simple as it sounds.


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