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GrandCanyon.com, Inc. was incorporated on June 25th, 2002. The GrandCanyon.com website had recently been created and a web visitor counter was placed on it…and to the registrar’s surprise over 1,200 visitors per day were coming to this website. It was determined that there was a need to put some great content on the site to serve those Visitor’s in the planning of their Grand Canyon vacations’.

Soon after GrandCanyon.com began, the majority of the visitors coming to GrandCanyon.com were requesting more information on the Mule Rides into the Grand Canyon. The demand became so overwhelming that the first thing required to work at GrandCanyon.com was memorizing 1-888-297-2757 for the Mule Rides. However, what came out of this was the realization that visitors to the Grand Canyon wanted to “get to the bottom”! Unfortunately, the Mule Rides are an unrealistic choice for most visitors to the Canyon because of either lack of availability or physical limitations on the visitors part. It was from this realization that the opportunity to substitute the Colorado River Float Trip and, ultimately, the Canyon River Adventure was the best option for helping visitors enjoy a “get to the bottom” experience.

Today, our most popular tours at GrandCanyon.com involve a “getting to the bottom of the Canyon” experience. From the South Rim area…The Canyon River Adventure, the Colorado River Float Trip, the Inner Canyon Jeep Tour, and White Water Rafting tours are the most sought after. From the Las Vegas and Grand Canyon West area, the Grand Voyager Skywalk, the Grand Celebration Helicopter Tour, and Rim-to-River Expedition are the most sought after tours.

The Agents at GrandCanyon.com have all lived in the Grand Canyon area for a long time. They have have traveled and experienced Grand Canyon from many different vantage points. The Grand Canyon offers many unique ways to have the experience that you desire for you and your family. Our Agents answer questions and help you plan your vacation to meet that desire you have for your Grand Canyon experience.

Karlyn Bunting was chosen as the President of GrandCanyon.com, Inc. in 2002 to head up this project. Karlyn has lived near the Grand Canyon almost all of his life in Page, Arizona. He has worked for many of the Air Tour operator’s that fly over the Grand Canyon including Lake Powell Air Service, Scenic Airlines and Grand Canyon Airlines. He has also worked for one of the Whitewater Rafting operator’s – Western River Expeditions as a bus driver in 1985. He has been hiking in the Grand Canyon since his Boy Scouting days back in the 1980’s. In 1982, he hiked down to the Supai Village and enjoyed Navajo Falls, Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls. He has enjoyed hikes to Thunder River, Tapeats Creek, South Canyon, Badger Canyon, Jackass Canyon, 150/SOB Canyon, the Lava Falls Trail, and Rider Canyon. In 2006, he finally gave in and did his first Main Corridor hike from the North Rim to the South Rim, camping at the Cottonwood Campground, Bright Angel Campground at Phantom Ranch, and at Indian Garden. Since then hiking Rim-to-Rim has become a bi-annual event. He hikes avidly in the Grand Canyon, frequenting it’s corridor’s as much as time and energy will allow. Karlyn frequently takes the Helicopter and Airplane Tours offered here on GrandCanyon.com as that is the industry he grew up working in. He and another friend in the industry created the Canyon River Adventure Tour to fill the need of getting an air tour of Grand Canyon, some time at the bottom of the Canyon, and discovering the secrets of Antelope Canyon near his home in Page, Arizona. He enjoys the Grand Kingdom and Imperial Helicopter Tour the most…although he has taken the Majestic and North Canyon tours, as well. He has taken the Grand Discovery air tour many times. He also was the inventory controller for Scenic Airlines from 1994 thru 1997 while living in Las Vegas. So, he is very familiar with and has taken the Grand Voyager, the Grand Canyon Deluxe, and Visionary Air Tour. He attended the Grand Opening of the Grand Canyon Skywalk in 2007. Since then he also has enjoyed taking the Grand Celebration Helicopter tour. One of his most enjoyable ways to experience Grand Canyon is on the 7 day Grand Canyon Whitewater rafting tours. For the past 3 years, he has taken the 7 Day Whitewater Rafting tour on Grand Canyon Whitewater. He believes you should experience as much of Grand Canyon as you can as often as you can with the time, capability, and energy that you have. Come and Experience Grand Canyon!!!

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