Grand Canyon: The Bare Essentials of Geology by Gary Ladd

Gray LaddThe Grand Canyon is a world unto itself … a vast and convoluted landscape whose age, depth, width and diversity is almost too much for the human mind to wrap itself around.  And yet you still want to try.  If only someone could take the complexity of the Grand Canyon and break it all down into plain English!  Actually, someone has.

In “Grand Canyon: The Bare Essentials of Geology,” photographer Gary Ladd takes a subject worthy of a doctoral dissertation and presents it in a manner that is fun and engaging.  Take this easy-to-carry “guidebooklet” in your backpack on your Grand Canyon vacation, and everyone from teens to adults can share a deeper understanding and appreciation of the forces that shaped the Grand Canyon, and continue to do so to this very day.  The “Geology Control Panel” puts all the facts and figures you want to know about the Grand Canyon in one convenient spot – ingenious!  Order your copy today from the Grand Canyon Conservancy Bookstore.

Gary Ladd is one of Northern Arizona’s preeminent landscape photographers.  His work has been featured in such notable publications as Life, Newsweek, National Geographic, Arizona Highways, Modern Photography, even The Wall Street Journal.

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