Grand Canyon Rafting

The Scenic Canyon River Adventure

Canyon River AdventureThe most comprehensive Grand Canyon day tour ever! Begin with a fixed-wing airplane flight from Grand Canyon Airport to the Page Municipal Airport. Soar over Grand Canyon East, the Glen Canyon Dam and incredible Lake Powell. Upon landing, you’ll break for a light breakfast, then board safari-style jeeps for a tour to surreal Antelope Slot Canyon. Afterward, you’ll embark on the 15-mile Glen Canyon float trip described above, and ride the Motorcoach back to the airport via Marble Canyon, the Navajo Indian Reservation and the Desert View Drive. Tour length: 12 hours Price includes breakfast and bistro bag lunch. Children 5 and up welcome.

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Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

Multi-Day Grand Canyon White Water RaftingYou want rapids? We’ve got rapids! Let us help you experience the ultimate adventure – Grand Canyon Rafting! Choose from motorized trips covering the best of the Grand Canyon. 4-day trips from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch with hike out; or hike in to Phantom Ranch with 5-day raft to Pearce Ferry; or best of all – take 7 days or more and DO IT ALL! Every day brings new surprises, with exciting hikes into side canyons, petroglyph sites, hanging gardens and more. Enjoy hearty meals at the riverside, sleep under the stars. Everything you need is provided. Children 8 and up welcome.

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Grand Canyon One Day White Water Rafting Trips

One Day Grand Canyon White Water RaftingIs 1 day all you’ve got? 1 day is all you need… to experience White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon! Start your day from Williams or Flagstaff. Tour historic Route 66 en route to Peach Springs and the beautiful Diamond Creek road, the ONLY road to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Then, Hualapai River Runners will guide you through 9 sets of exciting rapids on the Colorado River. Enjoy a hike into a hidden travertine waterfall and lunch by the riverside. Journey ends with helicopter airlift* from Quartermaster Canyon prior to vehicle transport back to Williams or Flagstaff. Tour length: 12-14 hours* Lunch, snacks and beverages included. Children 8 and up welcome. (*helicopter airlift weather permitting, alternate exit from river will extend trip time)

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Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

Colorado River Smooth Water Float TripColorado River rafting – no rapids. Your day begins from Grand Canyon South Rim, Flagstaff or Williams with an early-morning Motorcoach ride to Lees Ferry, Arizona. Upon arrival you’ll board a pontoon raft, which will bring you upstream close to Glen Canyon Dam from where you will start with an experienced guide on a relaxing 15-mile float to Lees Ferry. Enjoy magnificent scenery, abundant wildlife, ancient petroglyphs that have captivated people from around the globe for over 40 years! Your return Motorcoach ride includes a stop at the Navajo Nation’s historic Cameron Trading Post, time permitting. Tour length: 12 hours Bistro bag lunch included. Children 5 and up welcome.

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