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Camping in a Cabin near Grand Canyon

Do you like to go camping in style - in a cabin?  Are you looking for some peace and quiet?  Perhaps Hull Cabin near the Grand Canyon is just what you need!  This cabin is the oldest of the Grand Canyon historic cabins.  According to the Forest Service website, it was built in the late 1880's as part of a sheep ranch.  It began use as a ranger station in 1907.  By 1985 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

If you like rustic, this one is!  No electricity!  No cell phone service! Water is limited!  However, there are some really big perks if you like solitude, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and just enjoying nature at its finest.  You are likely to see lots of wildlife - if you're careful and don't scare it away.

You will not be in the Grand Canyon but you will be in the Kaibab National Forest which borders it.  Summers in the forest can be hot in the daytime but nighttime temperatures can drop quickly.  Come prepared for large temperature differences.  If you come in the spring or the fall temperatures can drop into the freezing range or below at night.  This will make camping at Hull Cabin a much nicer experience than tent camping.

For additional details or to book a night or two check this link.

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