Backcountry Map & Campsites

Grand Canyon MapClick the map to view a full sized map showing the area where 77% of back country use occurs. It is provided to show use area boundaries and designated campsites only.

Maps for planning or route-finding use are available for purchase from the Grand Canyon Association either online or at a one of their bookstores in the park.


Use Area Name
Management Zone
Camping Type
AH9 Vishnu Wild At Large Camping
AJ9 Cheyava Wild At Large Camping
AK9 Clear Creek Threshold At Large Camping
AL9 Greenland Springs Wild At Large Camping
AP9 Phantom Creek Wild At Large Camping
AQ9 Trinity Creek Wild At Large Camping
AR9 Scorpion Ridge Wild At Large Camping
BE9 Hance Creek Primitive At Large Camping
BF5 Horseshoe Mesa Threshold Designated Sites
BG9 Cottonwood Creek Primitive At Large Camping
BH9 Grapevine Primitive At Large Camping
BJ9 Cremation Primitive At Large Camping
BL4 Horn Creek Threshold Designated Sites
BL5 Salt Creek Threshold Designated Sites
BL6 Cedar Spring Threshold Designated Sites
BL7 Monument Creek Threshold Designated Sites
BL8 Granite Rapids Threshold Designated Sites
BM7 Hermit Creek Threshold Designated Sites
BM8 Hermit Rapids Threshold Designated Sites
BN9 Boucher Primitive At Large Camping
CBG Bright Angel Corridor Campground
CCG Cottonwood Corridor Campground
CIG Indian Garden Corridor Campground
NA0 Walhalla Plateau Primitive At Large Camping
NB9 Thompson Canyon Wild At Large Camping
NC9 Ken Patrick Primitive At Large Camping
ND9 Robbers Roost Primitive At Large Camping
NF9 Widforss Threshold At Large Camping
NG9 Outlet Primitive At Large Camping
NH1 Point Sublime Threshold Designated Sites
NJO Swamp Ridge Primitive At Large Camping
SC9 Eremita Mesa Threshold At Large Camping


Corridor Zone

Recommended for hikers without previous experience at Grand Canyon. Maintained trails. Purified water stations. Paved roads to trail heads. Toilets, signs, emergency phones, and ranger stations. Use of private livestock (horses and mules only) allowed only when specified on permit.

Threshold Zone

Recommended for experienced Grand Canyon hikers. Non-maintained trails. Scarce water sources. Dirt roads to trail heads. Pit toilets. Use of private livestock (horses and mules only) allowed with permit only on Whitmore Trail and on designated roads and trails on the rim.

Primitive Zone**

Recommended for highly experienced Grand Canyon hikers with proven route-finding ability. Non-maintained trails and routes. 4-wheel-drive roads to trail heads. Occasional signs. No other developments. Use of private livestock (horses and mules only) allowed with permit only on the Ken Patrick Trail to Uncle Jim Trail to Uncle Jim Point and on designated roads on the rim.

Wild Zone**

Recommended for highly experienced Grand Canyon hikers with extensive route finding ability. Indistinct to non-existent routes require advanced route finding ability. Water sources scarce to non-existent. No other development. Use of private livestock is not allowed.


** Primitive and Wild Zones are not recommended for use during summer months due to extreme high temperatures and the lack of reliable water sources.