What else is there to do on the north rim vs south rim?

May 2, 2012 – a GrandCanyon.com visitor conversation:

(19:17:17)  Visitor – I am trying to plan my trip for this June.
(19:17:28)  Rita – Hi, what can I help you with?
(19:17:36)  Visitor – I’m driving from Los Angeles in a  camper. There will be 9 people. Our first time there.
(19:17:59)  Rita – OK, are you looking for campgrounds at the South Rim?
(19:18:27)  Visitor – That’s my biggest decision, south rim or north rim.
(19:18:47)  Rita – Both are beautiful! The South Rim is the most visited.
(19:18:56)  Rita – The North is more remote but so beautiful…
(19:19:44)  Rita – Here is some information on camping at both rims: https://grandcanyon.com/camping.html
(19:19:48)  Visitor – I guess the main decision is What else is there to do on the north rim vs south rim.
(19:20:28)  Visitor – Do I spend my 3 days at the south rim or go to north and also see Bryce Canyon and Zion?
(19:20:52)  Rita – That is a tough decision.
(19:21:18)  Rita – Here is some more information on both of the rims: https://grandcanyon.com/travel.html
(19:21:24)  Visitor – How far is hoover dam from south and north rim?
(19:21:42)  Rita – Hoover Dam is about 4.0 hours from the South Rim.
(19:21:56)  Rita – The North Rim is another 4-5 hours from the South Rim.
(19:22:08)  Rita – There is an option for you, but 3 days is pretty tight.
(19:22:23)  Rita – If you drive to Zion from Las Vegas on I-15 North
(19:22:44)  Rita – Then drive from Zion to Bryce, about 1 1/2 – 2 hours
(19:23:23)  Rita – Then Bryce back down into Arizona and go to the North Rim via Hwy 89 and 89A thru Kanab, UT, Fredonia, AZ and Jacob Lake.
(19:23:42)  Rita – Then you could tour through the South Rim on your way back to I-40 to Las Vegas.
(19:24:07)  Visitor – I’m coming from Los Angeles.
(19:24:42)  Rita – I understand, but you’re going thru Las Vegas on your way.
(19:24:53)  Visitor – Okay
(19:25:01)  Rita – Would you like me to put together a quick map for you?
(19:25:22)  Visitor – Please
(19:26:16)  Visitor – So a day at each park. One day at Bryce Canyon National Park, one at Zion National Park  and one at Grand Canyon National Park. Or can you do Bryce and Zion in one day?
(19:27:20)  Rita https://g.co/maps/69te8
(19:27:42)  Rita – This shows the route I described…it’s a large loop, basically.
(19:27:57)  Rita – You could do Bryce and Zion in one day, they are close enough.
(19:29:00)  Rita – For campgrounds in Zion and Bryce, go to www.nps.gov and enter the park you wish to visit and then find the camping section
(19:29:11)  Visitor – Thats not a bad idea at all.
(19:29:49)  Visitor – I just have to see if thats too much driving in three days
(19:30:15)  Visitor – Thanks
(19:30:26)  Rita – That is true. Maybe just pick out the highlights of what you want to see on your vacation.

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