What and where would be the best way to see Grand Canyon?

I’m trying to see what and where would be the best way to see the Grand Canyon?
When are you planning to visit?
The trip is for my parents
What time of year?
Towards the end of September.
Great. The best quality experience is drive oneself to Grand Canyon South Rim and spend 1-2 days. If you have more time to spend, you can add other destinations such as Lake Powell or Sedona.
Well they would like to go for about a week.
Great – they could certainly see a lot in a week. They should plan on flying them into Phoenix or Las Vegas. Either airport would be ~ 4.5 hours from the South Rim.
So you suggest flying into one of those places and driving to the Grand Canyon?
Is that the closest? because I don’t think they would like to drive all that time
Long drives are a fact of life out here. There is an airport in Flagstaff, about 90 minutes from the park, but it does not have direct service (you have to connect from Phoenix).
Here’s a video that addresses this particular issue ->:

I understand, would you know how much is this Canyon river adventure tour?
$349 per person inclusive
It starts from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport at 6 AM
That looks and sounds amazing!
It is a really great trip, our best seller in fact.
So if they arrive in Las Vegas, its about 4.5 hours to the gran canyon?
Correct. A popular Las Vegas loop is Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon and Zion
(Visitor load: https://grandcanyon.com/gcnmule.html
Wow, do people really do that Mule trip??
Alley Definitely – and they book it 1 year in advance!!
What do you recommend for someone who is disabled?
Can’t do much walking
Not the mule ride, that’s for sure. What is the nature/extent of the disability? Cane? Wheelchair?
LOL! Cane but can’t do very much walking for too long.
The Canyon River Adventure is actually a good trip for virtually all fitness levels. None of the walking involved is strenuous. Folks with canes do it all the time.
Really? But isn’t there 4 wheeling?
Visitor loaded: https://grandcanyon.com/canyonriveradventure.html
Yup. The 4 wheeling is very mild, ~2 hours each way. Folks can request to sit up front with the driver to minimize bumpiness.
The longest walk involved with the trip is Petroglyph Beach, which is about 1/4 mile round trip
Ok thanks for the info, now do you have a more afforable tour that does not involve bumpiness of any sort?
The “basic” Colorado River float trip from Grand Canyon South Rim. https://grandcanyon.com/coloradoriverfloattrip.html
Ok how much is that one?
$184 per person
That sounds a little more up my alley.
If they would like to do that particular trip, then they should aim to stay at Grand Canyon South Rim, either in the park or Tusayan/GC Village South just outside the park. Here is a link to hotels: www.grandcanyon.com/hotels.html
Ok thank you, also where could they go for the most desirable views?
Grand Canyon South Rim
Most in-park roads are open to private vehicles. If one of the party has a disability, they qualify for an access pass onto the Hermit’s Rest/West Rim Road, which is normally closed to private vehicles.
Would she just show her disability sign that hangs on her rearview?
Yes, at the entrance gate to the park.
OK thank you once again for your help, I will be returning, Im going to talk with them and take it from there.
Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Can you walk down with the mules if one is over the weight limit and the other rides?
    Is there a tour the includes all 4 rims?
    Is there a tour that does air, river, hiking &/or atv?

    1. Dee,

      All good questions..Thank You for Asking:
      Can you walk down with the mules if one is over the weight limit and the other rides?
      The Mule Guides are not going to let you hike close to the Mules for Safety Reasons, however, you can hike down the Trails after the Mules while keeping a Safe Distance.
      Learn more here: https://www.grandcanyonlodges.com/plan/mule-rides/

      Is there a tour the includes all 4 rims?
      No, not at this time. However, I may attempt to do a One Day Trip starting at Sunrise and driving to ALL 4 Rims in a Day before Sunset…I think I can do it. It’ll be tight and a very long day…but I might try on Summer Solstice this year.

      Is there a tour that does air, river, hiking &/or atv?
      The #1 Tour on GrandCanyon.com is the “Antelope Canyon with Rafting Tour” formerly know as the “Scenic Canyon River Adventure Tour”. Learn more about that Tour here: https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/canyon-river-adventure-tour/

      Thank You,


    1. William,

      Yes, the main viewpoint that requires 4×4 is the Toroweap Overlook:

      Also, you can seasonally access Point Sublime with 4 x 4:
      Report from the North Rim
      updated May 18, 2022
      Grand Canyon National Park’s North Rim is open for the 2022 season.
      The last day of the 2022 season for most commercial services will be October 15, 2022.
      Point Sublime and North Bass access: The W-1 road starting near Widforss Trailhead and heading out through the Basin is dry and downed trees have been removed all the way to Sublime. W-1 gate will open on May 15. The W-4 which enters Grand Canyon from the north via Forest Road 268B has been cleared all the way to North Bass Trailhead. Crews as of Friday, May 13 are working south toward Sublime to clear any trees blocking access. Though 268B is likely to open on May 15, we have not received the final confirmation. To avoid having to turn around we recommend checking in at the North Rim Backcountry Information Center before heading out.



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