We would like to know what can be the best route to do in two days

May 2, 2012 – a conversation with a Visitor on GrandCanyon.com:

Visitor – Hi. We are visiting Grand Canyon next week and we would like to know what can be the best route to do in two days, where to enter the park by.
Rita – Well, where are you coming from?
Visitor – From Vegas
Rita – Are you interested in the Skywalk?
Rita – If you are interested in the Grand Canyon Skywalk, then we would recommend you go do that for 1 day, then continue on to the South Rim, and drive along all of the Viewpoints…
Rita – This would be a very FULL 2 days though…
Visitor – We were thinking about doing a trekking or hiking too…
Visitor – Maybe we’ll need more days for this?
Rita – Oh, okay…then I would recommend you go straigth to the South Rim and the first short hike I recommend is down the South Kaibab to Ooh Aah point…best view in the Grand Canyon…although, the trail is steep…this is about 2 miles down…
Rita – Or it’s also called Cedar Ridge…
Rita – The first restroom on the trail…great views from that location…
Visitor – Ok! Thank you very much indeed for your help.
Visitor – Apreciate it!
Rita – The majority of people will go down the Bright Angel trail…so it is very busy usually…and the mules pass you on it too…so you get to skip over their excrement…
Visitor – We’ll try this one 🙂
Visitor – Not the last one though 😉
Rita – So, you easily day hike them…it is 4 1/2 hours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim…so plan your travel time in accordingly…
Rita – 280 miles each way.
Visitor – Ok, thank you so much for your help Rita!

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