We wish to book accommodation on the north rim.

May 15, 2012

17:47:02)  Visitor – we wish to book accommodation on the north rim. From 16th May until 18th May. Unfortunately, the Grand Canyon Lodge is fully booked.
(17:49:18)  CC – You can also try looking for lodging at Jacobs Lake. https://www.jacoblake.com/ or Kanab, UT.
(17:52:11)  Visitor – I have visited the website but all the room types are “occupied”.
(17:53:59)  CC – I would say the next closest location to look for lodging would be in Kanab, UT which is about 80 miles away from the North Rim.
(17:55:40)  Visitor – We will be coming from Vegas. Would it be a good idea to first visit Zion NP, spend the night at Kanab and then visit the North Rim the second day?
(17:56:56)  CC – Yes, that would be a great way to see both areas.
(17:57:36)  Visitor – Ok, we will do that! I’ ll start looking for accommodation in Kanab. Many thanks!
(17:58:14)  CC – You are welcome and thank you for visiting Grand Canyon.com.

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