We will be at Grand Canyon on May 18 Friday night camping out.

Visitor – Yes, We will be at Grand Canyon on May 18 Friday night camping out, Do i need a lot of gear it is our first camp out.  3 boys with my wife and I.
Alley – Do you have a space reserved?
Visitor – Yes we just reserved it yesterday, South Rim I don’t remember where, but I am nervous we dont have a lot of gear and I am afraid of bears.
Alley – You’ll need the basics, tent, sleeping bags. Sleeping bags should be fairly sturdy as nights are still getting down around freezing.
Alley – No bears at the Grand Canyon, too dry…

Grand Canyon Camping - Mather Campground
Alley – Also, probably won’t need a portable stove as Mather Campground has barbecue grills and there are plenty of restaurants nearby. Would recommend flashlights or headlamps because it gets very dark at night.
Visitor – Ok, in May it is cold?
Visitor – Ok flashlights cool…
Visitor – We won’t do much hiking but apropiate shoes right?
Alley – Daytime highs are nice, in the high 60’s, low 70’s but overnight lows are still around 30
Alley – Yes, tennis shoes, or perhaps Tevas/Keens type sandals if you prefer sandals.
Visitor – Okay Iam at the library using the computer. Can I chat with you later or do get a different person and what is the website to chat you are very helpful!
Alley – It’s https://grandcanyon.com… I’m available until 2 PM Arizona Time. If you get one of my co-workers that’s cool, they know just as much (if not more) than I do 🙂
Visitor – Thank you so much. Wow, I was not prepared for cold, but I will be now. Have a nice day, Alley.

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