We are requesting information on a Grand Canyon floating trip.

I would like to request information on grand canoyn floating trip.
Sure – where are you staying during your visit?
At the Holiday Inn in Flagstaff, Arizona.
I am just wondering where they could be picked up and at what time,  because it doesn’t make sense for them to drive all the way to the airport if they go to some Grand Canyon hotels.
We offer a Colorado River Float Trip package that also includes a hike in Lower Antelope Slot Canyon.
Pickups are offered at most major hotels in Flagstaff (which includes the Holiday Inn). Pickup is 6.30-6.45 am
The one I am talking about is the smooth water float trip.
It definitely makes more sense to be picked up right in Flagstaff versus driving all that way to the South Rim.
So they do pick up at the Holiday Inn in flagstaff between 6:30 to 6:45am?
They sure do.
So the passangers just need to be in front at the hotel at this time?
Yes, at the front lobby. When you book the trip, you’ll receive a confirmation via e-mail that will give you the meet time, location, guidelines on what to bring, wear, etc.
Where does the tour starts picking up passengers?
The starting point is the Grand Canyon Store in Flagstaff, which is across from the AMTRAK Station.
Okay we have 45-50 pax.
Would that be okay?
Yes, absolutely.
What time do they drop them off at the hotel?
The trip is ~12 hours long, so round 6.30-7 PM. That said, refrain from scheduling anything time sensitive for that evening in case you encounter a traffic problem or other delays.
Alright. What is the price per person?
Our price per person is $229.
Okay ..thank you

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