We are planning to visit Grand Canyon on May last weekend

April 27, 2012 – while a Visitor was on https://grandcanyon.com/grand-canyon-skywalk.html

Visitor – We are planning to visit Grand Canyon on May last weekend
Rita – Okay, do you have a hotel yet?
Visitor – But my wife is 3 months pregnant at that time.
Visitor – So do you think should that would be a barrier for activites over there?
Rita – There are activities such as smoothwater rafting, rim jeep tours and such that should not be a problem for her.
Visitor – Also, how many days just to cover the best attractions
Rita – The smoothwater rafting tour is an all day tour.
Visitor – So the sky walk should be possible for her?

Rita – OK, sorry. I was giving you options for Grand Canyon South Rim.
Rita – The Skywalk is located at the Grand Canyon West Rim.
Visitor – I know it is West
Visitor – I wanted to visit South and West
Rita – There are bus tours from Las Vegas to the West Rim that can include the Skywalk
Rita – Let me get some information for you: https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-tours.html
Visitor – So, can’t we do South and West together?
Rita – There are also airplane tours to the West Rim that should not be a problem for her as long as her doctor agrees.
Visitor – Also, can I rent a car?
Rita – The West Rim is 3 hours from Las Vegas
Rita – The South Rim is 5 hours from Las Vegas
Visitor – different directions?
Rita – Yes, you can rent a car and drive yourself. Just be sure to get a hotel at the South Rim before you go: https://grandcanyon.com/hotels.html
Rita – Both rims are East of Las Vegas, so you could do the West Rim and then travel on to the South Rim, but I would advise spending the night in Kingman, AZ or somewhere nearby.
Rita – There is not much lodging between the West Rim and Williams, AZ
Visitor – Okay, thank you!

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