We and the friends we are travelling with want to go on a helicopter trip.

April 9, 2012

(17:46:18)  Visitor – We are flying into San Francisco on in August and are hiring an RV. We plan to go to Napa, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and then fly out of Phoenix. We are looking for somewhere to stay at the Grand Canyon National Park. Our friends, who we are travelling with want to go on a helicopter trip but my partner and I are looking at White Water rafting. We are from the UK so any help would be much appreciated.
(17:46:32)  Alley – I will be with you in 1 moment 🙂
(17:47:11)  Visitor load: https://grandcanyon.com/grand-canyon-whitewater-rafting.html
(17:48:14)  Alley – First priority is getting your lodging booked.
(17:48:54)  Alley – Staying inside the park is most desirable. For more information on Grand Canyon hotels inside the park visit www.grandcanyonlodges.com or call 303-297-2757
(17:49:47)  Visitor – We have an RV so don’t need a hotel.
(17:50:52)  Alley – Good to know 🙂 It would still be advisable to have a space in an RV park booked for Grand Canyon. You can learn more about “Trailer Village” RV park at above website and phone 303-297-2757.
(17:51:29)  Visitor – Ok thanks for the help.
(17:51:39)  Alley As far as white water rafting, we offer a 1-day trip with round-trip transport from Williams or Flagstaff. For helicopter flights, options from the South Rim are a 30-minute or 50-minute flyover.
(17:51:58)  Alley – For white water rafting ->: https://grandcanyon.com/white-water-rafting-tour.html
(17:52:11)  Alley – Helicopters ->: https://grandcanyon.com/grandcanyonhelicoptertours.html


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