The North Rim on October 12th

What’s unusual about the North Rim in October?

I got a question about the North Rim in October. 

Hi, I’m Karlyn Bunting with GrandCanyon.com. Let’s go take a look at this question about the North Rim in October. 

Bill asks, I will be at the North Rim on October 12. What kind of weather can we expect? And what kind of wildlife will we see?

Well, let’s go over here to GrandCanyon.com, and under North Rim Planning…That’s the beautiful view looking there from the North Rim Lodge. 

You can see the current weather and with the forecast for the week, currently 66 degrees and rising. But what will be going on in October it looks like daytime temperatures will average 59 degrees and nighttime temperatures get down to 31. And I know that’s true, because that’s the time of the year that I often like to go to the North Rim. 

What kind of wildlife will I see? The North Rim often times you might have the opportunity to see Bison at the Grand Canyon. There are a lots of deer at the North Rim as well. I haven’t seen very many elk on the North Rim, however, I have seen a lot of turkeys, and one of the little secret unknown items or unknown animals at the North Rim is the Kaibab Squirrel. It’s a tassel eared squirrel that lives in the Kaibab plateau in the Southwest United States in an area just 20 by 40 miles wide. The squirrels’ habitat is confined entirely to ponderosa pine forests of the North Rim at Grand Canyon National Park in the northern section of the Kaibab National Forest around the little town of Jacob Lake, which is just 45 miles north of the Grand Canyon. Kaibab squirrels usually have a black belly which is sometimes gray white tail tufted ears and chestnut head. They are quite a sight to see. Let’s take a little closer look here. This is what they look like. They have that little white tail and just a fun little squirrel to see. They can semi fly when they jump between the trees they spread out their their extremities, I guess their feet and they kind of fly a little bit they can glide I guess you would say. But those are some of the things that you’ll see at the North Rim. And that’s the weather when you come and visit us Bill. We’ll look forward to seeing you!

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