The North Rim Closed for 2014 on Monday

North Rim Lodge closes 2014

Highway 67 to the North Rim Closed for 2014 on Monday December 1st, 2014

Highway 67, the road to the North Rim, will be closing on Monday December 1st. After October 15, there is a period when the North Rim is open for day use through December 1, or until snow closes Highway 67. Limited facilities are available during the North Rim’s off-season. However, the North Rim is very quiet and offer’s great views during this time period.

We will look forward to Highway 67 Re-Opening in mid-May of 2015. You can learn more about the North Rim’s opening dates at this link: Grand Canyon National Park – North Rim – Dates/Hours.

Winter camping sites can be reached through inner canyon trails from the South Rim or by cross-country skiing and snowshoeing from Jacob Lake. Backcountry permits are required.

Many people annually ask “When will the North Rim be Open?”. The quick answer to that is that the North Rim opens Annually every May 15th. (Sometimes it’s a few days prior or after that date, but it’s always close to May 15th.) The Lodges and Services at the North Rim close each year on October 15th, as well. This is the Contracted dates with the Concessioner. That is why it is always May 15th for Opening and October 15th for Closing. The great thing in the Fall is that the Park stays open until the first real snows require closing Highway 67. So, it can stay open until early December…and often does.

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