Never been out to the Grand Canyon, etc.

Just starting a search for a last minute vacation that starts in Las Vegas. Never been out to the Grand Canyon, etc.
Hi thanks for stopping by. Did you wish to drive to the park and stay overnight or take a day trip from Las Vegas?
Drive to and stay overnight so we can do Bryce or Zion too before heading back eventually all the way to Southern California.
Very good 🙂 In light of that, you should also plan a stop at Lake Powell (Page). You pretty much have to pass through there anyway on your way to Zion & Bryce and there’s a lot to see and do there. For Grand Canyon park hotels, it’s probably too late to book, but you may still be able to find something in Tusayan/Grand Canyon Village South. Visit
Yes, forgot about Lake Powell. Thx for the info. I have a cousin staying at a hotel in Jacobs Lake that we may try to catch up to. I will check all her hotel info too.
Jacob’s Lake is actually closer to the North Rim. Lodging in that area tends to book up fast as well. Nearest alternate lodging is Kanab UT (90 minutes from park) or Page AZ (2.5 hours from park). You can use the link  that I provided above for hotel reservations in those areas too.
Thanks – we are completely without a plan at the moment.
Definitely want to solidify that plan ASAP – your trip date is just around the corner.
Yes, – just booked flights last night!
Good deal – work on the lodging next, OK?
Will do.
Good luck, let us know if we can help with anything else 🙂

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  1. Planning Trip to south rim. Originally was thinking train because AAA has 300 per person deal and it’s all including food and an agenda. But I’m open to doing my own thing if its more cost efficient. But wondering if it is just about the same by the time I consider hotel and food. Are the packages the ideal way?
    I am open to the idea of driving and booking hotel but then, where would I book? near rim or near by in Williams? Open to any and all suggestions.

  2. Angela,

    The Train Packages are nice because they include so much. Also, you get some great Interpretation while riding the Train from Williams to the Grand Canyon. Now, with that said, it depends on how much time you want to spend at the Grand Canyon.

    The Train gives you about 3 hours at the South Rim in the Grand Canyon Village area. El Tovar, Bright Angel Lodge, Kolb Studio, Lookout Studio and the Hopi House can easily consume that time with the great views of the Canyon.

    So, if you are wanting more time at the Canyon then you should consider doing your own thing.

    Here are the Hotels options at the South Rim:

    Also, you can see more viewpoints and a Sunrise or Sunset if you have your own vehicle at the South Rim.

    So, it really comes down to what you expect from your Grand Canyon experience.



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