Looking for a Photo of the Grand Canyon

Oneill Butte in Grand Canyon
Oneill Butte, also known as Ooh Aah point

This is the Photo that we use at GrandCanyon.com for our Logo and background. It is looking from Mather Point at the Canyon Visitor Information Plaza up Canyon at Vishnu Temple. The sunset light on Oneill Butte is a sight to see and witness for yourself. This photo was originally available on the Grand Canyon National Park Service website, but they have removed it for some reason now.

Yes, you can I am looking for a picture of the Grand Canyon!
One moment – I’m on the phone.
What part of the canyon do you want a picture of: south rim, north rim or west
Anything you have would be nice!
Here is a link to the National Park Service’s photo’s: https://www.nps.gov/grca/photosmultimedia/index.htm

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