Is Page, Arizona the best option for a Colorado River Rafting Trip?

April 9, 2012 at 4:15PM

Visitor – We are staying in Sedona and checking in at the Grand Canyon a day or two later. There will be 4 adults and three kids (2 will be 10 and 1 will be 7). We have heard the smooth water trip is great, but with us being in the Canyon such a short time I am wondering if the Page trip is the best option or if there is something closer that is less of a drive. 
Alley – There are only 2 options for Colorado River Rafting trips (no rapids) near the Grand Canyon:
Alley – One of those is the trip from Page (Glen Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry), and another is the Black Canyon Adventure from the base of Hoover Dam to Willow Beach Marina. Both locations, as you can see, do require a bit of driving to get to from Sedona.

However, it is only 3 Hours to Page, Arizona and the rafting trip from Glen Canyon Dam to Lee’s Ferry. It would be about 5 hours to Las Vegas where you could take the Black Canyon Adventure’s rafting trip from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach Marina.

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