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I want to surprise them with a helicopter ride what can you offer

Conversation with a Grand Canyon Visitor about their Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour options:

(16:48:00)  Visitor - I have two friends in Los Angeles, California who are currently heading to Las Vegas, Nevada for the weekend,  then to Grand Canyon National Park on Monday. I want to surprise them with a helicopter ride what can you offer?
(16:48:17)  Rita - Great!
(16:48:23)  Rita - Let me get some helicopter ride information for you.
(16:49:04)  Rita - These tours leave from the Grand Canyon South Rim Airport, about 5 hours East of Las Vegas
(16:49:55)  Visitor - One of the others I looked at has a ranch visit tied in, do you do this too?
(16:50:16)  Rita - That would be a helicopter tour from Las Vegas.
(16:51:02)  Rita - These tours cover Grand Canyon West....not the Grand Canyon South Rim in the National Park.
(16:51:36)  Visitor - Okay I am going to give her your number to call and she can then organize herself with GrandCanyon.com directly.
(16:51:54)  Rita - OK, sounds great! Thank you for visiting GrandCanyon.com!
(16:54:41)  Visitor - Rita...Thanks very much and she will be calling.

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