I have no idea what we would want to do

I have a motor home I am thinking of taking a drive to the Grand Canyon….I have no idea what we would want to do….just started thinking about it…my wife and I are 58 and our 2 kids are approx. 30.
Where would you be driving from?
Scranton, PA.
Ok, let me find some information for you.
Here is a Travel Planner to get you started: https://grandcanyon.com/pdf/2012-grand-canyon-trip-planner.pdf
Ok thanks.
And some information on camping: https://grandcanyon.com/camping.html
And some travel information: https://grandcanyon.com/travel.html
We like like to stay at an up scale camp ground.
I don’t know about upscale, but Mather Campground is very popular and closest to the Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Reservations are needed.

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