I am planning a tour with my mom and my son to the Grand Canyon.

April 10, 2012

(19:33:21)  Visitor – Yes, Hi...I am planing a tour with my mom and my son to the Grand Canyon. I am looking at your best deals.
(19:33:56)  Visitor – I am planning in spending the night in Williams, Arizona and go to the canyon the next morning.
(19:33:57)  Alley – Are you looking for hotels, tours, both?
(19:34:19)  Visitor – Yeah, I heard Williams is cheaper.
(19:34:20)  Alley – Williams has reasonably priced hotels. Then you can drive yourself to the park if you wish.
(19:34:42)  Alley – Cost is $25 to enter the park, the Entrance Fee is good for 1 week’s time.
(19:35:10)  Visitor – How long of a drive is it from Williams to Grand canyon?
(19:35:20)  Alley – Williams to the Grand Canyon is approximately a 1 hour drive going North on Highway 64.
(19:35:36)  Alley – Did you want info specifically on tours out of Williams or other locations too?
(19:35:44)  Visitor – Do you think we can see it all in one day?
(19:36:22)  Alley – It’s impossible to see the entire Grand Canyon – it’s huge. But you can accomplish a lot in one day driving yourself to the various viewpoints. The best way to see a lot of the canyon in a short amount of time is to fly over it.
(19:37:01)  Visitor – How much does it cost the helicopter ride?
(19:37:14)  Visitor – Info in tours will be great
(19:37:19)  Alley – Prices start at $160 per person and go up from there
(19:37:31)  Visitor – Jeep?
(19:38:05)  Visitor – I would like to get some info about touristic places in the Canyon and Williams, as well.
(19:38:38)  Alley – There are two kinds of jeep tours: Rimside and Inner Canyon. The latter go to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
(19:39:00)  Visitor – That will be nice. My son will love that!
(19:39:10)  Alley – Inner Canyon Jeep Tours?
(19:39:18)  Visitor – How about train?
(19:39:36)  Visitor – Yes
(19:40:10)  Alley – Prices on the Grand Canyon Railway range from $92 per person to $220 per person depending on class of service. Children under 16 are not allowed on the Luxury Parlor Car or Observation Dome; all ages are welcome on Coach and First Class.
(19:40:20)  Alley – Inner Canyon Jeep Tours from Williams are $229 per person
(19:40:50)  Visitor-  Ok. Thx…I have to look at my budget.
(19:41:09)  Visitor – So, to enter the park is $25 per person?
(19:41:38)  Alley – Actually it’s $25 per vehicle (if you drive yourself) and it’s good for 1 week’s time.
(19:41:51)  Visitor – One car?
(19:42:03)  Visitor – I am driving my own car with my son and my mom
(19:42:06)  Alley – Yes, one car and everyone in it.
(19:42:27)  Visitor -So, it’s 25 for the 3 of us?
(19:42:32)  Alley – Yep 🙂
(19:43:01)  Visitor – Cool.
(19:43:10)  Visitor – Thanks again.
(19:43:18)  Visitor – have a good day
(19:43:21)  Alley – You’re welcome, please let us know if we can help with anything else.
(19:43:44)  Visitor -Yes, I will!

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