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I am not sure which rim to visit

Visitor - I am not sure which rim to visit.
Rita - Where are you coming from?
Visitor - We'll be in Vegas.
Rita - OK. Grand Canyon West Rim is about 3 hours from Las Vegas.
Rita - It is located on Hualapai Indian Tribal land.
Visitor - What about the South Rim?
Rita - The South Rim is 5 hours East of Las Vegas and is the most visited, the most photographed rim.
Rita - It is situated in the National Park.
Visitor - We can book for south rim and sky walk at the same time?
Rita - The Skywalk is located in Grand Canyon West.
Visitor - So we must book west rim right?
Rita - For the Skywalk, yes.
Visitor - Thank you for your help.
Rita - Here are some tour options from Las Vegas.
Visitor - I will look into those.
Rita - Great! Thank you for visiting GrandCanyon.com!
Visitor - Bye for now.

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