I am looking for West Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter Boat Cruise and Skywalk.

May 16, 2012

(16:30:27)  Visitor – Hello
(16:30:38)  Alley – Hi, how are you today?
(16:30:59)  Visitor – Good
(16:31:29)  Alley – Can we answer any questions for you today?
(16:31:47)  Visitor – I am looking for West Rim Bus Tour with Helicopter Boat Cruise and Skywalk.
(16:32:24)  Alley https://grandcanyon.com/rim-to-river-expedition-with-skywalk.html
(16:32:44)  Alley – That is the link for the Rim to River Expedition with Skywalk upgrade.
(16:34:45)  Visitor – What is the total price per person?
(16:35:40)  Alley – It is $269 per person with advance booking.
(16:37:39)  Visitor – How about the aircrafts?
(16:37:42)  Visitor – Are they small?
(16:37:59)  Alley – Our planes hold up to 19 passengers, helicopters hold up to 7.
(16:38:05)  Visitor – Do you have any coupons?…That I could use.
(16:38:25)  Alley – Our prices are already amongst the most competitive online.
(16:39:12)  Visitor – I found some cheaper prices on other website for the same tour.
(16:39:50)  Alley – Make sure that those prices are all-inclusive and that you don’t get hit with a fuel surcharge or other fees upon check-in.
(16:40:07)  Visitor – Also, where do I need to board the bus?
(16:40:16)  Visitor – I have not finalized the hotel yet?
(16:40:36)  Alley – The bus tours pick up at the majority of hotels on the Strip and select hotels Downtown.
(16:42:35)  Visitor – How do I know whether they come or not?
(16:42:45)  Visitor – Will I have all details on the itinerary?
(16:43:13)  Alley – The tour company will usually request that you call and reconfirm the day prior to the tour. At that time you can double check pickup location and time, which is usually outlined in your confirmation materials.
(16:44:58)  Visitor – Thanks.

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