I am looking for a airplane ride over the whole Grand Canyon.

April 12, 2012 – from a Visitor while visiting: https://grandcanyon.com/rim-to-river-expedition.html

(17:42:10)  Visitor – I am looking for a airplane ride over the whole Grand Canyon?
(17:42:26)  Visitor- Where do I look for this tour?
(17:42:33)  Sandy – Unfortunately that doesn’t exist at this time.
(17:42:43)  Visitor – Why?

There are  2 reasons:
One – is that the Grand Canyon is 277 miles long and that would be a very long Airplane ride.
Two – is that the Grand Canyon Air Tours are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration to help Grand Canyon National Park restore natural quiet to the Grand Canyon. As a result of this objective, think of the Grand Canyon as having Air Tour highways in the sky that regulate where an air tour can operate.
So – Air Tours primarily operate from Grand Canyon’s South Rim and from Las Vegas with pre-designated Air Tour routes…which means that all Air Tour Companies fly the same routes.

(17:42:48)  Sandy – The best tour for you would be the Grand Discovery Air Tour at this link-
(17:43:04)  Sandy – https://grandcanyon.com/granddiscovery.html
(17:43:12)  Visitor – Thank you.

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