How much would it be the helicopter ride which takes you down to the bottom?

April 17, 2012 while a Visitor was on https://grandcanyon.com/grandcanyonhelicoptertours.html

Visitor – We are planning to visit the Grand Canyon in the beginning of May. Where what would be the closest town to stay and how much would it be the helicopter ride which takes you down to the bottom?
Alley – Grand Canyon hotels in-park are booked up, but you may be able to find lodging in Tusayan (aka Grand Canyon Village South). Visitwww.grandcanyon.com/hotels.html or call 1-800-916-8530
Alley – The helicopter flight to the bottom is another matter: this option is ONLY available out of Las Vegas. Are you going there at any point on your trip?
Visitor – We were planning to go after the Grand Caynon to Las Vegas. If we take it from Las Vegas how much would it be? How about if we take it from the Grand Ganyon?
Alley – Canyon floor landings are not available from Grand Canyon South Rim. Helicopter flights only go over the canyon from the South Rim.
Visitor – If we take from Las Vegas then, how much would it be?
Alley – Prices for a 30-minute landing with light picnic meal are ~$324 per person
Alley – Extended packages are ~$475/person
Alley – https://grandcanyon.com/las-vegas-grand-canyon-helicopter-tours.html
Visitor – Okay, so if we go to Grand Canyon first and then to Vegas, we can only take the helicopter that goes around and how much would that one be?
Alley – 30-minute flights start at $160/person, 50-minute flights start at $220/person
Alley – https://grandcanyon.com/grandcanyonhelicoptertours.html
Visitor – Thank you very much!
Alley – You’re welcome, please let us know if you have any additional questions.
Visitor – Yes, we will. Thanks again. Have a good day!
Alley – You too 🙂
Visitor – No senior discount?
Alley – The rates we offer are amongst the most competitive online. For AAA AARP discounts, inquire with the tour company at 702-736-7243
Visitor – thank you!

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