How is the cheapest way?

April 20, 2012 while visiting

Grand Canyon Pass
Grand Canyon Pass

Visitor – Maybe… I will be in Las Vegas on August and would like to visit Grand Canyon. How is the cheapest way?
Alley – To drive yourself to Grand Canyon South Rim – it costs $25 per vehicle to enter the park and is good for 7 days.
Alley – However.. it takes approximately 5 hours to make the drive from Las Vegas, so it’s best to stay overnight at Grand Canyon’s South Rim, if you can.
Alley – You can also take a look at Grand Canyon Tours from Las Vegas:
Visitor – Thanks.
Alley – You’re welcome. Here’s another item you might find helpful ->:
Alley – The link above refers to a forum piece I wrote a few years back listing the various ways one can see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas and ranking them in order of quality of experience. I would highly recommend you read it when you have a chance.


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