How do I find out if there are accommodations in the park?

April 19, 2012 –  A conversation with a Visitor while they were on the https://grandcanyon.com/hotels/south-rim-hotels/grand-canyon-lodging-south-rim/ page.

Bright Angel Lodge Visitors


Visitor – I’m an Australian, I would like to visit the Park for a few days at the end of next week. How do I find out if there is any chance of accomodation in the park without phoning?
Rita – For lodging in the park, go to: www.grandcanyonlodges.com. For lodging just outside the park entrance go to: www.grandcanyon.com/hotels.html
Visitor – loaded: https://grandcanyon.com/hotels.html
Visitor – Thanks Rita, can I check availability in the park before booking? Just didn’t seem that’s the case.
Rita – Yes, at the first link, www.grandcanyonlodges.com will show you what is available inside Grand Canyon National park.
Visitor – And one other question please, if I stay in Tusayan is there a way to get into the park if I don’t have a car? Thanks heaps!
Rita – Yes, there are shuttles you can pick up in Tusayan to go into the Park.
Rita –  The Tusayan shuttles do not start until May 12th. Let me see what else may be available in Tusayan…just one moment.
Visitor – Thanks very much.
Rita – There is a Tusayan taxi service. They would be able to take you into the Park. Then you could pick up the Park shuttle, which is free. The taxi service number is 928-638-0821. They will answer “Grand Canyon Airlines”, but they will transfer you to the taxi service.
Visitor – Thanks Rita
Rita – You are welcome!

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