Grand Canyon White Water rafting – Getting to the bottom in 2012!

Rafting in the Grand Canyon embeds a deep memory in a meaningful place!

I gotta tell ya…White Water Rafting is my preferred way to experience this incredible place! I absolutely love it every time I am able to have this experience.

Please watch this video as it was recently posted by Grand Canyon Whitewater. I really enjoyed the videography along with the reminder of my great experiences in the Grand Canyon this past year.

One of the guides in this video, is also the Guide that I went with in May and we had an absolutely enjoyable time descending thru the Great Unknown. The Little Colorado River was running in it’s aquamarine blue state…my first time ever to see it that way. We saw a deer up in Bert’s Canyon on a little side hike past Bert Loper’s boat from his final run thru Grand Canyon in 1949. I will never forget that short little hike. Something about stopping to experience Elves Chasm,  the massive Deer Creek Fall, and Havasupai Creek always seems charming and that I never get tired of doing.


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