Grand Canyon White Water Rafting for Sedona visitors

Good morning travelers ~ Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a “grand” one! Today on TripAdvisor a Sedona visitor is inquiring about his family’s options for enjoying some Grand Canyon white water rafting. “EurOpeO6” writes:

Hello experts-my family will be in Sedona for a week starting August 3rd. We have kids ranging from 10-18 that really want to go on a Grand Canyon white water raft trip but all the info I can find are on trips from Grand Canyon. Are there any tour outfits in Sedona that can help us?

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer (courtesy of yours truly):

Options for taking part in Grand Canyon White Water Rafting for Sedona Grand Canyon visitors are:

1. Most economical: Drive yourself to the Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs Arizona.

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The drive takes ~ 2.5 hours and the river company wants you to check in at 7 AM, so it means either an early morning, or consider spending the night in Peach Springs or somewhere close by, such as Seligman AZ the night before. Visitwww.grandcanyonwest.com for more information on taking the 1-Day Grand Canyon White Water Rafting trip from Peach Springs through Hualapai River Runners.

2. Most convenient for Sedona guests: take a Grand Canyon white water rafting package tour with one of several local Sedona Grand Canyon tour outfitters. These would pick you up at your Sedona hotel and take care of all the transportation requirements for you. Reputable outfitters include (but are not limited to) Great Ventures Tours, Red Stone Tours, and Great West Tours.

3. “Somewhere in between:” drive to Flagstaff (a little shy of one hour from Sedona) and take a tour package from there.

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Again, all transportation included. Advantage to doing so (driving to Flagstaff) is saving ~$50/head off your trip price, which is already quite high no matter how you go about it. Info re: Flagstaff 1-Day White Water Trip package ->: https://grandcanyon.com/white-water-rafting-tour-flagstaff.html

Option #3 is where GrandCanyon.com can come in for Sedona visitors.

If you decide that Grand Canyon white water rafting isn’t going to be your thing this time around, consider one of many wonderful Colorado River float trip options through Glen Canyon (near Page Arizona) or Black Canyon (near Boulder City NV). Here again, Sedona visitors, if you’re OK with taking the short drive from Sedona to Flagstaff, GrandCanyon.com and Grand Canyon Old West Jeep Tours have a very cool day tour package that not only includes the Glen Canyon Float Trip but a hike into beautiful Lower Antelope Slot Canyon! Check it out here ->: https://grandcanyon.com/colorado-river-rafting-trip-flagstaff.html

That’s all for now, travelers~ If you’re going to Sedona, have a wonderful time! If you’re asking “what is Sedona Arizona and why should I go there?” well… take a look at this video and join us next time for another “grand” adventure!

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  1. My husband and I are planning a road trip, and we are both dying to see the Grand Canyon. I love your idea of seeing the Canyon from the river on a white water rafting trip. Not only would be a really pretty view, but it would be so exciting! My husband and I are always looking for adventure, and this sounds perfect!

  2. Were going to be staying in Sedona for a week and want a wayer raftimg tour, how much for a one day tour??

  3. We are going to be in Sedona 10/3 thru 10/9.

    Is this a good time of the year for a rafting trip for six people. Would do mid week on the 4th, 6th or 7th.

    1. Bill,

      That can oftentimes be the best week of the year in this area…specifically, the Grand Canyon…as Sedona can be warmer than the South Rim.

      However, you have your choice of the One Day Whitewater from Peach Springs-

      Or, you can come up to Page, Arizona and do the Half Day Float trip from the base of Glen Canyon Dam-



  4. We will be in Sedona from April 3-10 and are wanting to go on a white water rafting excursion. There are 4 of us. Best recommendation?

  5. My family of 6 (4 kids ages 12 to 17) and I are coming to sedona in mid March and would like to take a day or half day rafting trip preferably in the grand canyon or near by.

    What do you suggest? What is included and not included plus costs?

    Thank you!
    Trey 817.296.1403 cell
    [email protected]

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