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Grand Canyon Vacation Advice: From the "Mouse" of Experts!

Good morning travelers, or goodness gracious, it's almost afternoon ~ and goodness-er gracious-er, it's almost Labor Day weekend! As those sage philosophers Pink Floyd once said, "every year is getting shorter," and no doubt some of you are starting to feel a sense of urgency about crossing the Grand Canyon off your "bucket list." Fair warning: you're going to get a truckload of advice on how to get the most out of your Grand Canyon vacation, some of it from people who've never even been there!

Over the weekend, TripAdvisor contributor and Tempe, Arizona Destination Expert 'MarianReader' asked the following:

We have friends (seniors, still active) who have lived in Arizona for ten years but will be making their first Grand Canyon vacation next month. They have reservations at Mather Campground (they are veteran campers). I thought it might be interesting to find out what you would tell them to do/have/don't miss/skip.  One thing I will tell them - fill up the gas tank in Flagstaff whether they need gas or not! How about you?

As you can imagine, lots of great pieces of advice were given from both Destination Experts and frequent Grand Canyon vacation takers. For example:

At the Grand Canyon, take your time. Never be in a rush to go anywhere. I like the viewpoints on the East Rim Drive, especially Lipan Point and Desert View. At Desert View I take the little social path just east of the tower. It gets you away from the crowd, and with binoculars or a scope you can spot ruins on the opposite cliff.   - 'RedRox,' Destination Expert, Sedona AZ

1. Do a Grand Canyon campfire or ranger program; 2. Take a short hike into the Grand Canyon canyon; 3. Walk up the Desert View Watchtower; 4. Have a drink or meal at El Tovar  - 'CasaAzul,' Destination Expert, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Mesa Verde National Park

Hike down into the Grand Canyon Canyon a bit if physically able. The perspective changes dramatically even if just hike to the first tunnel and back on the Bright Angel trail.   - 'Flagstaff Traveler,' Destination Expert, (3 guesses) Flagstaff, Arizona

Have a picnic for sunset or sunrise on the rim. Anywhere on the rim!  - 'Buferson,' Contributor from Indiana

1. Bring water 2. DRINK IT! - 'K-Bot,' Destination Expert, Grand Canyon National Park and Page, Arizona

Walk away from the Grand Canyon Village area and the crowds and enjoy the sunset! - 'SouthJerseyGirl,' Destination Expert, Grand Canyon National Park

Walk along the rim of the Grand Canyon a bit, and also explore the different viewpoints along rim drive and Hermit Road.  Bring your own refillable water bottle, some kind of light-weight canteen.   - 'Esty666,' Destination Expert, Wickenburg, Arizona

Sounds "sound" to us! Hope those of you who might have followed this advice will let us know how well it served you on your Grand Canyon vacation.

'til next time - make it a "grand" day!

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