Grand Canyon IMAX Celebrates 30 Years of the Most Watched IMAX Movie Ever

Grand Canyon, AZ – 06/24/2014 – Since 1984,  the IMAX Theater, located within the National Geographic Visitor Center, has provided visitors with continuous hourly engagement of the 34-minute, true-life adventure film Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets.

Grand Canyon IMAX Celebrates 30 Years

Grand Canyon IMAX Theater

“We are happy Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets continues to enjoy such popularity and to entertain and inform our visitors,” said Janet Rosener, General Manager of the National Geographic Visitor Center/IMAX Theater. “It’s an inspiring introduction to the wonders and human history of the Canyon, an experience not to miss as a preview to a Grand Canyon visit or in the evening after seeing the Canyon in person.”

This spectacular IMAX film is projected on an enormous 60-foot-high by 82-foot-wide screen, equivalent in height to a six-story building. It is this immensity of screen size, with its vast panoramas, that makes IMAX a different and breathtaking experience. 

“The movie is rich in detail, with colors popping from the wide vistas on the screen. The cinematography is as stunning as you’d expect from an IMAX film,” wrote one recent reviewer.

A unique projection system uses the “rolling loop” process to shift the oversized film past the projector lens at four times the speed of normal 35mm film in a standard cinema. A special steep-seating theater gives moviegoers an unobstructed view and the unique sensation of being part of the thrills of the film. The white water trip down the mighty Colorado River gives viewers all the excitement, except for getting wet! 

“Over the years, your theatre has enlightened, inspired and entertained audiences of all ages,” said Sarah Moore, Senior Coordinator of Theatre Services at IMAX Corporation. “The commitment that both you and your staff have shown to delivering the highest quality presentations, have helped make the IMAX® brand the success it is today.” 

Grand Canyon: the Hidden Secrets highlights selected historical events through which the audience is presented breathtaking vistas of the Canyon. The red cliffs of Toroweep depict the descent into the Canyon by its earliest known inhabitants. The spectacular Desert View and Moran Point overlooks were the focal points for the re-creation of the 1540 Coronado Expedition led by the Spanish Conquistadors. A major focus of the film engages viewers as they join Major John Wesley Powell during his party’s historic 1869 exploration of the Colorado River – experiencing his challenges in conquering the thunderous rapids of the Colorado River. Visitors discover 4,000 years of history in just 34 minutes.

“Your IMAX theatre is part of a global network that spans more than 57 countries,” said Moore. “Almost a billion people have enjoyed the world’s most immersive movie experience thanks to the ongoing efforts of theatres like yours. On behalf of everyone at IMAX Corporation, we sincerely thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to our shared vision of delivering the world’s most awe-inspiring entertainment experiences.” 

About The National Geographic Visitor Center
The National Geographic Visitor Center, located on Hwy. 64 one mile from the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park South Rim, is the cornerstone of a self-contained entertainment center. Facilities inside the Center also include a National Geographic Store, Pizza Hut® Express, Pink Jeep® Tours, exhibits including the new Arizona National Scenic Trail Exhibit, Park Pass Pay Station, free maps and much more to enhance visitors’ Grand Canyon experience. The Visitor Center is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm March 1 to October 31; 9:00 am to 8:00 pm November 1 to February 28.

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