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Grand Canyon Giftshop

Visitor - I came to your awesome place about two weeks ago (a gift from my daughter). We had the time of our life. I bought a black cloth bag with a picture of the Grand Canyon on both sides and not sure how much it was but it is already ripped across the top and no longer can be used. I had very little in it when it tore. I also bought a slate coaster with a picture of the canyon on the top. Used it twice and the picture is all white now and the edges are lifting. What I had on there was a glass with wine and only sweat a little. Just wanted to let you know that both things are broken and it only has been two weeks since I bought them. Not sure if anything can be done.

CC - Did you buy the merchandise at the gift shop at the South Rim?

Visitor -Yes

Visitor loaded: https://grandcanyon.com/planning/south-rim-planning/

CC - Let me see if I can find the number for the gift shop. Be back in a moment.

CC - Here is the number for general information, they will be able to help direct you to the gift shop. (928) 638-7888

Visitor - Thank you

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  1. I was at the canyon last week (South Rim) in the Tower and looking at the in the gifts section and saw a tote bag made out of canvas with a picture and Grand Canyon stamped on it. It had a zipper and leather handles and sold for around 25.00 or so dollars. I would like to order one if that is possible.
    I can call them but do not know the number. If you could help me I would appreciated it a lot.
    Lynne Sell

  2. Visited the South Rim last week. Sad to see no gift shops open. Looking for tie dye hoodies for grandbabies from the Grand Canyon. Can you help me? Girl and boy sizes 10-12.

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