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Gary Ladd - Lake Powell

Sapphire colored waters that softly beckon you to dive in… the radiant warmth of a sandy beach… the cry of a hawk echoing off high canyon walls… the scent of clean desert air… It has been said that Lake Powell is more than just a place, it is a feeling.  Once you visit, you’ll understand, and want to share it, and Gary Ladd’s Lake Powell will have your name on it!

In Lake Powell, Gary Ladd captures the essence of one of America’s most scenic waterways and brings it to life in pictures.  With interpretive text from Anna Markward, you’ll experience Lake Powell anew from sweeping panoramas, to secret nooks; from striking summer monsoons to mantles of winter snow; from ancient history to modern controversy; this preeminent landscape photographer will show you Lake Powell in ways that even the most regular visitors don’t get to experience.  Gary Ladd’s Lake Powellwould be a most special souvenir of your Southwest vacation, and a beautiful conversation piece for your coffee table.  Get your copy at the Carl Hayden Visitors’ Center at the Glen Canyon Dam.

Gary Ladd is one of an elite group of photographers who have brought some of the remote corners of the American Southwest into the hearts and minds of millions.  His work has been featured in such publications as Life, Newsweek, National Geographic, Arizona Highways, Modern Photography, even The Wall Street Journal. 

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