Fire Restrictions Lifted at Grand Canyon and the Surrounding Areas

Good News!

On July 8th the fire restrictions for the Grand Canyon and surrounding forest were lifted.  If you plan to camp you can have a campfire in designated areas but please make sure it is dead out before you leave it.  The best way to make sure a campfire is dead out is to pour water on it and then shovel dirt on it and stir it until it is cold to the touch.  Make sure there are no warm embers left as the wind can fan embers into a flame.  Another option is a charcoal grill but again please make sure there are no charcoal embers left.

As always, check before you leave to go camping.  Fire restrictions are placed when the fire danger is high and there is little or no moisture in the air.  Currently some monsoonal storms in the area have raised the humidity levels enough for the restrictions to be lifted .  For more suggestions about how to camp safely, check the Park Service’s website.

Camping at the Grand Canyon South Rim

desert view campground small

There are several options for camping at the South Rim.  The important thing to remember is to make reservations as far in advance as possible because there are a lot of other people thinking about camping instead of staying in a hotel.  The only exception to that is the Desert View Campground which is on a first-come, first-served basis.  I have heard that you have to be there early in the day to get a spot there, though.

Camping below the rim requires a backcountry permit.  There are several campgrounds in the inner canyon and you will need to know which one you want to camp at when you apply for your permit.





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  1. Please send more information about Camping in the South Rim and areas I could go hiking .

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    Belkis Duarte

  2. I want to take my bike and travel around the canyon, I was wondering what areas are biker friendly or would I need a permit to camp. Please Help me with this info. Thanks

  3. Please send me more information about camping and all the things we can do… water rafting, fishing, hiking , horse back riding

    Thank you

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