Fire Ban Lifted

If you are camping in or near the Grand Canyon National Park, you will probably be happy to learn that a lot of the fire restrictions have been lifted.  During the month of June, bans were implemented on wood burning and charcoal fires but due to the monsoon storms that have settled into the area, fire danger has dropped resulting in the fire ban being lifted.

However, even though the fire danger has dropped you should exercise caution and continue to take precautions such as clearing the area and using preventative measures when using a portable stove to keep it from tipping over.  Consider alternatives even when campfires are allowed because fires can easily escape especially if there is any wind.  Be careful when parking a vehicle in tall grass or other dry vegetation – hot parts could start a fire.

For more precautionary measures or the latest fire information in Grand Canyon National Park, please visit the Park Service web site at https://www.nps.gov/grca/parkmgmt/fire-info.htm. To learn more about fire restriction on other public lands in Arizona and New Mexico, please call the Southwest Area Fire Restriction Information Line at 877-864-6985.


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