Does the jeep tour go by the falls?

April 30, 2012 – a conversation with a Visitor on the https://grandcanyon.com/tours/south-rim-tours/the-inner-canyon-tour-from-williams-az/ page.

(18:28:39)  CC – Hello, thank you for visiting GrandCanyon.com. Can I help you in any way?
(18:28:39)  Visitor – Yes, Does the 4WD Luxury Tour go by the falls?
(18:29:10)  CC – The Havasupai Falls?

Havasupai Falls Arizona

(18:29:17)  Visitor – yes
(18:29:48)  CC – No, it doesn’t.
(18:30:12)  CC – Are you wanting to visit the Havasupai falls?
(18:30:17)  Visitor – Thank you… is there any other way to see the falls than hiking in?
(18:31:31)  CC – Visit https://www.havasupaitribe.com/ for information and tours to the falls.
(18:31:57)  Visitor – Thank you
(18:32:39)  CC – Thank you for visiting Grand Canyon.com

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